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Mould Fogging Treatment 


What is it?


Mould  Fogging treatment is the most important step of our mould control process. Fogging will eliminate all airborne mould spores and other bacteria. Our product is non-hazardous, biodegradable and not harmful to any contents.

The fogging machine we use distributes a mist into the air throughout the entire property to ensure consistent coverage of the entire living environment. The fogging mist is very similar to the steam created by a hot shower.

Why is fogging the entire property recommended if only one room has visible mould?

Fogging the entire property is required to prevent the mould growing in other rooms. Under the right conditions mould spores will aggressively form, multiply and spread. Spores can also be transported throughout the property on clothing as well as being present in the air. Therefore, our decontamination fogging services are a crucial step in the mould remediation process.

Mould treatment fogging services | What does all of this mean?

The elimination of mould spores and other bacteria will ensure the property is restored to a safe and healthy environment for the occupants. Occasionally if a property has ongoing issues with dampness and the cause cannot be fixed, a service agreement option is available.


The Mould Removal Specialists to the rescue!

Living in a property with mould can be bad for your health. The good news? You can do something about your mould problem!

Call The Mould Removal Specialists to arrange an Inspection, which includes the initial inspection, findings and recommendations detailed report and quotation.

The Mould Removal Specialists will inspect the property or place of work and provide recommendations to eliminate the mould and provide recommendations on ways to reduce excess moisture and improve ventilation, ensuring your home or business remains a healthy and safe place to live and/or work.

The process then moves to the removal stage, where all visible traces of mould are physically removed from the home. Once all visible signs have been removed, the home will be fogged. Fogging involves lightly misting the entire home with a solution that is non toxic and not harmful in any way. You can even leave food out while the process is undertaken. To ensure that the fogging process is effective, it is recommended that the house be vacated for a period of at least three hours. This will ensure that all mould spores will be eradicated.


Designed for Industries as a real solution for the long term! commercially viable, saving on applications and labor costs while increase Hygiene levels, ForceField Hygiene technology adds a layer of protection, destroys 99.9% Germs – Bacteria and Fungus, and keeps sanitising for long periods. Minimizing transmission and contamination from surfaces – destroying pathogens as they are introduced!


In the fight against Virus – Bacteria – Mould – Mosquito’s – Bugs – Mites and Micro-Organisms, that are or cause diseases, illness, transmission and infestation.

Partnered with a world-leading innovator in disease prevention, helping governments, companies and the public over the last 30 years doing everything they can to protect families, companies, the community and most importantly the vulnerable – our youth and elderly.

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